My name is Alexander John Hay. I am an American attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and before the Federal District Court of the United States of America. Currently I reside in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Over the past 20 years I have been helping wealthy individuals from around the world to legally and ethically protect their assets, reduce their taxes, and obtain greater financial privacy. (If you would like to confirm that I am who I claim to be please click on: MY CREDENTIALS, this information is provided by the State Bar of Texas).

As technology has improved it has become possible for people to work from where ever they want. All they need is a good Internet connection and a laptop, and they are ready to go! Well almost ready. You still have to get paid. And you have to be able to pay for the things you need. And it would be nice if you could do it in a private way that improves your asset protection and perhaps even reduces or eliminates your taxes. Although computer and Internet technology has improved, banking has been a big problem for global entrepreneurs and digital nomads. People search all over the world for various solutions to their problems, but one of the best jurisdictions for banking is the United States of America. I like to say, “The USA is the best Tax Haven in the world! You just can’t live here or be a US citizen.” (And even then we may have a solution for you.)

I developed the Digital Nomad Package; a simple yet effective way to get access to American banking without having to deal with some of the negative aspects.

As you review the information on this website I hope you find it helpful.

Alexander John Hay
Attorney at Law