Why You Need a US Bank Account!

I am a big fan of diversifying my investments and businesses. Recently I have opened a few apartments in Tbilisi, Georgia as bed-and-breakfasts. Everything was going fine, and then I got my first payment. Yeah!!!! No, not yeah. I received […]

How Effective are those Draconian Banking Privacy Laws?

Do you want Financial Privacy? Many people are surprised to find out that the USA actually provides better financial privacy than most other developed countries, and even better than most “tax havens”. It is my considered opinion that some of […]

Sometimes it is Very Expensive to Focus on Taxes

I am a huge fan of avoiding taxes. Avoiding taxes means legally choosing different strategies or actions that result in you paying less in taxes. There is nothing wrong with this. There is no moral imperative to pay more in […]

What is the Best Jurisdiction for an LLC in the USA?

I get this question a lot: What is the best jurisdiction for forming a company in the USA? (or perhaps “Is [BLANK STATE] the best jurisdiction to set up an LLC?”). I find this question very difficult to answer, but […]