Sometimes it is Very Expensive to Focus on Taxes

I am a huge fan of avoiding taxes. Avoiding taxes means legally choosing different strategies or actions that result in you paying less in taxes. There is nothing wrong with this. There is no moral imperative to pay more in taxes than what is required by the law. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a fool or a fanatic.

Evading taxes on the other hand involves breaking the law in some way. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.  As such I advise people to stay away from too many gray areas that may be getting close to “evasion”. Even if you are innocent it may be a very costly and time consuming experience to explain it to the tax authorities.

I see too many people focused entirely on how to eliminate paying taxes. I have found that these people usually do not really have any current reason to be concerned with taxes since they are not making any money, and they have few if any prospects of improving upon that situation since they do not focus upon how to make money. It is much easier to figure out ways of reducing taxes than it is to figure out ways to make money. Perhaps that is why people unwisely prefer to focus solely upon how to avoid, perhaps even evade, taxes.

I advise taking a balanced approach: focus primarily on managing your business and making money. Learn how to prioritize your business decisions. You are going to have a lot of them. Tax issues are important. If you can legally reduce your taxes significantly then you will be at a real advantage compared to those who do not or cannot. If you could dramatically and legally reduce your other business expenses you would be wise to do so. But don’t let the issue of taxes get in the way of running your business. Also, keep in mind the cost-to-benefit ratio; sometimes it costs more to save money on taxes than it does to just pay the taxes, and this is not even taking into account the lost opportunity costs associated with missing profitable activities because you are focusing entirely on how to eliminate taxes.

Good Luck!