Digital Nomad Package

Do you want to –

  • Have the Freedom to work from anywhere?
  • Legally establish a company in the USA and open a US Bank Account?
  • Be able to get paid easier by having a US bank account?
  • Get increased business credibility and impress your clients?
  • Be able to easily send money to others, and pay bills online?
  • Have access to a US based Visa Debit Card and other payment tools in order to buy things outside your country?
  • Would you be interested in doing all this without having to pay US taxes? Perhaps even no taxes at all anywhere?

Are you having a problem –

  • Getting clients to pay you?
  • Getting clients to take you seriously?
  • Using unreliable payment systems?
  • Getting your own money?

I can help you.

Since September 11, 2001, opening up a personal bank account in the United States has become difficult. But if you establish a US Limited Liability Company it can be done relatively easily.

We have a solution for you!

The best solution is to form a US business entity that can be used to open a US bank account. Some people say this is complicated, expensive and difficult. That is not True. With our system opening your own business entity is Simple, Inexpensive, and Very Easy.

I use a Texas Limited Liability Company (US LLC). It is easy to establish, and provides a beneficial “pass through” tax treatment. This means that as long as you are not a resident or citizen of the USA, and the income is not derived from a US resident business or “effectively connected US Source Income” (this usually means making, providing, storing and/or transporting goods or services inside the country), there will be no US taxes and thereby no tax reports that need to be filed.

What you get with our All Inclusive US LLC Package:

  • A properly established US LLC with US Federal Tax ID.
  • A US mailing address for the US LLC with mail forwarding as needed.
  • A US based bank account for the US LLC with access to a check book, a visa debit card, and online banking.
  • A private email that will forward to your personal email.
  • A Nominee Officer to act as Manager of the US LLC who can provide local services as needed.




The International Privacy Trust Option

If you ARE a resident or citizen of the USA, but your income is NOT derived from “effectively connected US Source Income” (this usually means making, providing, storing and/or transporting goods or services inside the country) THEN YOU MAY STILL BE ABLE TO BENEFIT FROM THIS SYSTEM!

In addition to the US LLC you will need an International Privacy Trust. This Trust will make it possible for you to benefit from the US LLC because you will not be the owner of the US LLC. The Trust will be the owner of the US LLC. If established correctly, and your income is NOT “effectively connected US Source Income” then the ultimate owner of the US LLC, the Trust, will NOT OWE ANY TAXES TO THE USA. This system is ideal for people who are non-residents of the USA but this is not absolutely necessary.

In addition to the tax benefits provided by the International Privacy Trust you will also obtain greater financial privacy since you will not be named as the Grantor, Trustee, or Beneficiary of the Trust.

For information on how the International Privacy Trust works, please click [ HERE ].



What if there is more than one owner of the business?

There is an old saying that goes, “If you have a problem that can be easily solved then you don’t really have a problem at all.” This is the case here.

For this system to work the US LLC will need to have ONLY ONE non-resident owner (whether that non-resident owner is an individual, trust, or foreign business entity). If there is more than one owner of the US LLC it will no longer be treated as a single non-resident alien, but instead will be treated as a US Partnership. Not ideal since you would then need to file a partnership tax return annually and disclose the names and addresses of all the Partners.

When there is more than one owner of the business it will be absolutely necessary to create a foreign entity to own the US LLC. Then the multiple owners can own that foreign entity. Unfortunately the International Privacy Trust is not the appropriate entity when there are more than one owners; it is only appropriate for one person. We suggest using a foreign corporate entity to own the US LLC. There are a lot of options for this, but we suggest using a United Kingdom Limited Partnership (UK LP), a Georgian company, or a Belize International Business Company (Belize IBC) to own the US LLC. If you only need a holding company to own the US LLC and you do not intend for the holding company to have its own bank account, then the UK LP will be just fine. If you want your holding company to have its own bank account outside the USA separate from the US LLC account inside the USA then either the Belize IBC or a Georgian company will work quite nicely. Frankly, there are so many options available that to list them here would serve little purpose other than to confuse. I would be more than happy to chat with you about these and other options.


What if I need a taxable entity to act as a Payment Agent for Amazon, PayPal, Stripe, etc.?

If you are receiving money from Amazon, PayPal, Stripe, etc. they will require that you provide them with a W-9 in order to get paid. Only a taxable entity can issue a W-9. The US LLC described above will not be able to legally issue a W-9 since it is not a taxable entity, but instead it is a pass-through entity that does not have to file a tax return itself.

The simple solution is to create a Payment Agent. This will be an additional US LLC electing to be treated as a “taxable association”; this entity will be able to legally issue a W-9. The Payment Agent will receive the funds from the Payors, keep 5% (or some other appropriate amount) as a commission, and then transfer the rest to the “tax free” US LLC described above. Although the Payment Agent will be required to file a tax return annually, if managed correctly there should be very little taxes due since the US Corporate tax rate begins at 15%, and you will be able to deduct all the expenses of managing the system as well as Payor costs from your gross income.There should be little taxable income left.

For a more detailed explanation of why this is the case click [ HERE ]. Contact me if you have any questions.